Silent Hill Studio Placed “Under Review”

Kuju, which owns games studio Vatra (Silent Hill: Downpoour), is currently investigating the Czech studio’s bankability after rumors were swirling around that the business to shut down.

Here’s what the company had to say in an official statement.

The new management team at Kuju have been conducting a strategic review of all aspects of the business, as part of this process the on-going business activities of the Vatra studio are currently under review, however, at this stage no decisions have yet been made.

Kuju has a newly-appointed CEO  in Dominic Wheatley and new commercial director in Gary Bacey.

Honestly, this doesn’t sound that good, no? I mean, Downpour wasn’t that good of a game to begin with and unless Vatra has a rabbit out of its hat to pull, it might bode well for them.

Source: Games Industry