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New Justice League Game is Coming out Next Week…for iOS Devices

Have you already seen The Dark Knight Rises? Did it give you the itch to play a superhero game right now? If so, then you might be glad to know that a new Justice League game is set to come out a week from now…the catch is, it’s an iOS game.

Now, before you dismiss it — due to it being an iOS game — give the trailer a watch first. It might change your mind or it could further cement that anything plays like crap once applied to touch devices.

The game, titled Justice League: Earth’s Final Defense, is an action brawler where players can take on the roles of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and the rest of the founding members of the Justice League to take down villains.

Here’s your first look at the game.

What do you think? Crap or something that you might get to pass the time? Well, it is the Justice League, so it might be worth to take a look see if it’s priced very cheap, no?

Source: Touch Arcade (via Kotaku)