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Mists of Pandaria Shado Pan Monastery Guide

The Shado Pan is a new instance which has been added to the Mists of Pandaria Expansion. It is the home to the Shado-pan clan; whose members are sworn to protect Pandaria.

Unfortunately, some Sha have captured areas of the monastery, and you will have to get rid of them. The instance is for level 87 to level 90 players, located at the Kun-Lai Summit zone.

In this guide, we’ll go over the four bosses you must fight to get rid of the Sha influence, and how you should act during each encounter.

First off are Gu Cloudstrike & Azure Serpent:

Gu Cloudstrike & Azure Serpent


Invoke Lightning: The attack will do a significant amount of lightning damage + extra lightning damage to players with-in 5 yards.

Static Field: AOE attack, it has high initial damage and then a little amount of damage every second to anybody who is in it. DURATION: 20 seconds!

The encounter has two phases: one will have Gu Cloudstrike on the ground and the Azure Serpent in the air. The second will have Azure Serpent on land too. The tank has to hold agro on Gu and move him away whenever he does the lightning attack (on the ground) – This AOE attack causes a lot of damage and is really hard to miss, so you should just drag him away.

Some of your DPS should also focus on the Azure because he will come to help the Gu when its health is below 50%.

The Azure Serpent will descend and start fighting from the ground once the Gu’s health drops to 50%; now this is where the tank has to focus on him for a while, and the group has to help with the DPS. The dragon’s lightning breath is a threat, so be careful.

Another very powerful AOE ability which is known as Magnetic Shroud – it will not let your healers heal for a specific time and also damage everybody who is in the AOE. It is turned off after a while and then started again. Because of all the abilities, the Dragon is equipped with, you should be sure to attack him in the air and take out as much health as you can.

When you are done with the dragon, Gu will come out of the meditation and enter into the battle again. This is all the same as phase one but easier because the dragon is dead and there are no static fields.

Master Snowdrift


Fists of Fury: A fast and a heavy attack which does fire damage to anybody in front of Master Snowdrift. It has a cast time so it is avoidable by getting out of the range.

Tornado Kick: All the players in the melee range will be hit by a spinning kick. Mostly targeted towards the player who has agro!

The fight has two phases: one is simple in which you will have to face Master Snowdrift. Stay away from the AOE effects and DPS him down to 50%, avoiding the Tornado kicks and Fists of Fury.

When you’ve eaten 50% of the HP, Master Snowdrift will clone himself into three versions. You will have to just kill one of the clones/original so make sure you keep on striking the one with the lowest HP.

Sha of Violence


Disorienting Smash: Reasonable damage, stuns the victim for 4 seconds.

Smoke Blades: AOE Smoke Attack – Victims inside will be dealt damage per second, they’ll lose the ability of a critical strike for a couple of seconds as well. Although, after the debuff you will gain a 3 second buff known as Parting Smoke which will make your next attack (within 3 seconds) a crit and dealing 100% more damage.

Sha Spike: Spikes will come out of the ground and knock back the players above it.

Enrage: The Sha will gain 50% attack speed once you drain 80% of its health.

This should be an easy fight provided you are most aware of the Disorienting Smash, as it does a reasonable amount of damage. The tank should avoid it, and if he does, the rest of the fight is easy. The attacks are not hard and you will not have to worry about anything but enjoy the smokes and delays.

Taran Zhu


Rising Hate: inflicts shadow damage to a couple of ranged targets

Ring of Malice: AOE effect which lasts for 15 seconds, slows the targets by 80% and does shadow damage.

Sha Blast: The current target will take lots of Shadow Damage and also get knocked back. It is only triggered during Ring of Malice.

Gripping Hatred: AOE ground effect which does damage to everyone inside it, it also pulls the players towards it. You will have to kill the manifestation of the hatred for the effect to clear.

The Hatred mechanic is introduced in this fight.

Sha of Hatred has possessed Taran Zhu, and he will make you generate hatred over time. All the hits you take will generate hatred, whenever your hatred bar has filled, your damage will be increased by 20 percent but your healing will be decreased by 25%. You will also miss 90% of your shots.

This hatred can be cleared by meditating; you will see the procedure on the screen. It is of three seconds, and you cannot move during the meditation.

The tank should be very careful on driving the enemy away from the other players so the ring of malice does not hit everybody. The AOE attacks must be stopped by the ranged DPS, so they don’t spread and pull everybody towards it.

Try to avoid the attacks as they will generate hatred, and you will end up meditating. Just make sure that the tank has all the hard-work, and you manage the group well. Clear all the AOE effects and know that only a good team-work will make this fight easier.