Mists of Pandaria Warrior Talents Tree Guide

Mists of Pandaria introduced a new talent system which has said good-bye to the 51 point talent trees. Now you have six tiers, and you will have to choose one talent from each tree so when you are level 90 you will only have six talents.

Warrior Talent Tree (Tier 1)
The first tier is related to your charge abilities. You can either increase the mobility or the effects; the talents are Juggernaut, Double Time and Warbringer. The Juggernaut will decrease the cool down of your charge ability by 40% (12 seconds instead of 20).

Double Time will let you to charge twice and then start a normal 20-second timer for the cool down. Warbringer will not change the timer, but it will result in a three-second stun for the target.

Warbriger is good for the PVP and the Juggernaut, Double Time for the PVE. All these abilities are suitable for almost any category though.

Warrior Talent Tree (Tier 2)
The 2nd tier is related to your health and healing. The talents are Enraged Regeneration, Second Wind and Impending Victory. Enraged Regeneration will heal you by 10% instantly and 10% more in the next 10 seconds.

It consumes 60 rage and has 1 minute cool down; the rage cost is canceled if you are enraged. Second Wind will give you 3% health every second whenever your health goes below 35%. It will also get you 20 rage whenever you are stunned or immobilized but over 10 seconds.

Impending Victory is an attack which costs 10 rages; it will also heal you by 10% on a 30-second timer. There is more to it – if you kill an enemy who gives you honor or experience, then your cool down will reset and your next impending victory will heal with 20%!

These three are very different talents, and you should choose them according to your play style. The players who are leveling up should use Impending Victory as they have to fight many enemies, and this will be of a great advantage to them.

Warrior Talent Tree (Tier 3)
These provide more utilities and are related to the warrior shouts. Disrupting Shout, Piercing Hown and Staggering Shout are the talents. Staggering Shout has a 40 second cool down, it will stun any enemy that is within a range of 20 yards and is already snared for five seconds.

Piercing Howl will snare all the enemies within 15 yards of range, it will result in decreasing their movement speed by 50% for a total of 15 seconds. The last ability is the Disrupting Shout, which will affect all the spell-casters within 10 yards. It will interrupt their current spells and also lock their spell school for four seconds, the cool down of this talent is 40 second.

Piercing Howl is good for PVP and the PVE as it will help to stop the runners. Staggering Shout will be good for a team-attack. Disrupting Shout is good to stop the casters and people who can cause heavy damage to you so it is for almost all styles.

Warrior Talent Tree (Tier 4)
The abilities of this tree are Bladestorm: A whirlwind ability which will damage anybody within the range of 8 yards (each second for a total of 6) You will not be effected by any mobility-effecting attacks during the whirlwind, the cool down is of 90 seconds.

Shockwave ‘s area of effect is like a cone; it will deal damage within 10 yards and also stun them for four seconds. The cool down of Shockwave is only 20 seconds. Dragon Roar will cause damage to the enemies who are in the range of 8 yards; it also knocks them down for three seconds, and cool down is 1 minute.

Bladestorm is good for tanks; it increases the damage, and you can still dodge. Dragon Roar is good for PVP and to some extent, tanks can use it too. Shockwave is good for the DPS; it will help you with the stun otherwise you can choose bladestorm.

Warrior Talent Tree (Tier 5)
The following tier is for the protective abilities. These are Mass Spell Reflection, Safeguard and Vigilance. You will simply reflect back any spell casted on you or your team-mates towards the caster with the Mass Spell Reflection on (duration is five seconds, cool down 60 sec).

Safeguard is to help your team-members, any movement impairing effects on you will be removed, and you will run to your friendly pair stopping any ranged or melee attack on them.

You will reduce their damage taken by 20% for duration of six seconds. Vigilance will simply transfer 30% of the total damage your friend will take (for 12 seconds). Your taunts will not have a cool down during this period, and the attacks against your target will enrage for six seconds.

Mass Spell Reflection is ideal for the DPS as it will reflect a lot of damage, tanks should take the Vigilance because it will save your allies easily, and you can heal healers this way!

Warrior Talent Tree (Tier 6)
Talents: Avatar, Bloodbath and Storm Bolt – Avatar will transform you into a colossus for 20 seconds; you will deal 20% more damage and generate 50% more rage from your attacks.

All the movement impairing effects on you will have no change; the cool down is 3 minutes though. Bloodbath lasts for 12 seconds; your targets will start to bleed resulting in 30% additional damage and 50% less movement speed for the next six seconds.

The cool down is of a minute! Storm Bolt will allow you to hurl your weapon at the enemy which will cause damage to him and also a stun for three seconds, if an enemy is immuned to stun, then they will have to suffer 300% extra damage. You can repeat this after every 30 seconds!

Storm Bolt looks good for the tanks as it can stun the enemies and help you to cause massive damage. DPS players who prefer PVE and PVP should always use Avatar as it allows you to move freely and has an awesome ability. Bloodbath is also recommended for the DPS and PVP as it does damage over time and can be used more often.

What do you think of this new tiered talents system? Have more to say about the talents? Let us know in the comments below!