Mists of Pandaria Valley of the Four Winds Quests Guide

Mists of Pandaria expansion has brought a lot of new exciting-features in the World of Warcraft. The main story is thrilling story and there are a lot of new quests to deal with.

Furthermore, there are new areas to explore providing you various options to level up your character. Among these areas are the lush green valley of the four winds which is the breadbasket of the Pandaria.

This Valley is also the home of the legendary Stormstout Brewery, where Chen Stormsout and his niece Li Li hope to journey to discover the whereabouts of their long-lost ancestors.

Mists of Pandaria Valley of Four Winds Quests

Pang’s Stead
This is where the new game starts; you will enter Pandaria and visit a quest hub known as Pang’s Stead in “Valley of the Four Winds”.

Chen and Li Li (Chen)
A very simple quest in which you will have to follow Chen and Li Li to the farm.

The Search for the Hidden Master (Xiao Pang’s Stead)
You will find a pandaren named Xiao at Pang’s stead. He will talk about the hidden master and then guide you with four different (four different people to talk to) You don’t have to do it right away, just talk to them when you are in their area.

A Seemingly Endless Nuisance (Pang Thunderfoot, Pang’s Stead)
The farm is in a bad condition and you will have to slay 10 Virmen to help him and complete the quest, clearing his farm.

A poor Grasp of the Basics (Muno the farmhand, Pang’s Stead)
Find and return the farm equipment which was stolen.

Low Turnip Turnout (Pang Thunderfoot, Pang’s Stead)
Pang will ask you to learn that why the delivery coming from his sons farm has been delayed.

Taking a Crop (Ang Thunderfoot, Thunderfoot Farm)
You will help Ang by finding him the stolen turnips and watermelons. They are located in the nearby cave and the river.

Rampaging Rodents (Ana Thunderfoot, Thunderfoot Farm)
You will have to carry away the rodents known as marmots roaming around the farm and also fill the holes they’ve made.

Practically Perfect Produce (Pang Thunderfoot, Pang’s Stead)
Ang will ask you to help him and get the crops back to his father.

The Fabulous Miss Fanny (Pang Thunderfoot, Pang’s Stead)
Now that you have helped Pang and Ang, you will have to deliver the vegetables/fruits to Miss Fanny, who is a dinosaur. Just make sure that you deliver each item with the right force and don’t destroy it.

Thunderfoot Ranch and Fields

The Meat They’ll Eat (Liang Thunderfoot Ranch)
You will be asked to help Liang feed the pigs, collect steaks from the nearby Mushan and the scraps of turtle by the river.

Back to the Sty (Liang Thunderfoot, Thunderfoot Ranch)
Search the lost pigs, 2 are found next to the mushan beasts and one is near the turtles (by the river)

A neighbor’s duty (Liang Thunderfoot, Thunderfoot Ranch)
Escort the sheep to the neighbor, Francis. He is up the hill, south.

Piercing Talons and Slavering Jaws (Francis – The Shepherd Boy, Thunderfoot Fields)
Help Francis and kill the wolves and the hawks whom scare him.

Lupello (Francis The Shepherd Boy, Thudnerfoot Fields)
Lupello is a pack leader, Francis will want you to kill him too. He is located near the bridge.

A Lesson in Bravery (Master Shang, Thunderfoot fields)
Master Shang will ask you to teach Francis some lessons as he is very coward. You will be asked to rope a plainshawk and defeat it.

Great Minds Drink Alike (Chen Stormstout, Shang’s Stead)
You have helped Shang enough; you will see Chen and Li Li now. They’ll ask you to accompany them to another brewery!

Leaders among Breeders (Chen Stormstout, Mudmug’s Place)
You will have to slay 3 key pesky varmints to help out Mudmug and Chen.

Yellow and Red Make Orange (Li Li Mudmug’s Place)
Collect Yellow Flowers and Red Animal Blood so you can help Li Li do some painting.

The Warren Mother (Chen Stormstout, Mudmug’s Place)
Take care of the Warren-mother Chufa now, she is down the warren.

Crouching Carrot, Hidden Turnip (Li Li Mudmug’s Place)
Throw some colored turnips towards the Virmen and see their reaction, it works.

Thieves to the core (Mudmug, Mudmug’s Place)
Mudmug will ask you to look for some bags of hops while you’re working for Chen and Li Li, you will find these in the warren when you’re fighting the mother.

Legacy (Chen Stormstout, Mudmug’s Place)
Chen will get to taste the brew and then go to visit the new one. You will now explore some more area with Li Li!

Li Li’s Day Off (Li Li, Mudmug’s Place)
You will visit Huangtze falls, Cifera and the silken fields with Li Li. These areas have lots of quests!

Muddy Water (Mudmug, Mudmug’s Place)
You will be asked to get some Muddy water and help Mudmug. The water spills whenever you move so find an area which has several water sections. Collect and wait until they respawn so you can collect more!

Mudmug’s Place

Broken Dreams (Chen Stormstout, Mudmug’s Place)
Chen will return to Mudmugs and tell you about the visit to his family.

Chen’s Resolution (Chen Stormstout, Mudmug’s Place)
Now that you know of the story, Chen will ask you to help him and setup the brewery of his own.


Hop Hunting (Chen Stormstout, Halfhill)
Chen is now giving tasks to everybody, you’ll be assigned to visit the farms of Fran, Gai Lan and Den Mudclaw to find some useful hops.

Doesn’t Hold Water (Chen Stormstout, Halfhill)
Mudmug has some trouble in getting all the water, Chen will ask you to help him who is found at the Northern side of Halfhill.

Li Li and the Grain (Chen Stormstout, Halfhill)
Chen will ask you to give the details of the grain which Li Li missed to listen, you will have to find her at the Imperial Granary (south of Halfhill)

The Gilded Fan

The Great Water Hunt (Mudmug – The Gilded Fan)
Mudmug will be very thankful and ask you to help him collecting the 30 samples of water. Simply guide him to the sparkling water areas and protect him when he is doing the job.

Barreling Along (Mudmug – The Gilded Fan)
Mudmug will ask you to escort him back to Halfhill, you can take the road and deal with the farmers first (for the hops) or just save your time and come back for them later.

NOTE: Madmug and you will disperse if you will deal with the farmers during your escort. You will meet him again once you’re heading back to the town.

The Heartland

Gardener Fran and the Watering Can (Gardener Fran, The Heartland)
You will have to do some tasks as Fran says…nothing is free!

Enough is Ookin’ Enough (Mung-Mung, The Heartland)
Find and kill the virmen so you can supply the teeth (100) to Mung-Mung who is the head of the farm and will trade for your help.

The Farmer’s Daughter (Den Mudclaw, The Heartland)
Den Mudclaw will ask you to find her daughter who is taken by the Virmen, south of his farm.

Seeing Orange (Mina Mudclaw, Springtail Warren)
Escort Mina back to the farm!

Weed War (Gai Lan – The Heartland)
South of the Mudclaw farm is the last farmer, Gia Lan. Help him and fight the 100 weeds so he will send the hops to Chen.

Stormstout’s Hops
Go back to Chen and make sure that he got the deliveries.

The Imperial Granary

Taste Test (Li Li, Imperial Granary)
Help Li Li by sampling the various grains of the field.

Wee Little Shenanigans (Grainlord Kai, Imperial Granary)
Help Grainlord and slay 8 sprites which are destroying the fields.

Out of Sprite (Grainer Pan, Imperial Granary)
Find and kill the large sprite that had a terrible formula effect on it.

The Quest for better Barley (Grainlord Kai, Imperial Granary)
Go and search for the missing grain which Kai thinks is in the cave.

Grain Recovery (Grainlord Kai, Imperial Granary)
Eagles and Sprites have taken away some of Kai’s property. He will ask you to collect them on your way to the search of the special grain.

Chen’s Taste Test (Li Li, Imperial Granary)
Return to Chen Stormstout once you have the cave barley


The Emperor (Chen Stormstout, Halfhill)
Just talk to Chen and he will ask you to get you some ingredients and then change his mind to do it himself.

Knocking on the door (Chen Stormstout, Halfhill)
Chen will ask you to meet him, Follow the road to the west and find the brewery!

Stormstout Brewery
When you have arrived to the world famous Stormstout Brwery, you will have to learn more about Chen and his Uncle.

Knocking on the Door (Chen Stormstout, Halfhill)
You will meet Chen at the door of the brewery.

Clear the way (Chen Stormstout, Stormstout Brewery)
You will have to kill 10 drunked Hozen/Virmen in the area to help out Chen!

The Fanciest Water (Mudmug, Stormstout Brewery)
Mudmug wants to know if there is the magical water and asks you to search for it.

Barrels Man (Li Li, Stormstout Brewery)
You will have to find 7 monkeys and set them free (barrels). You will find these during “Clear the Way”

Cleaning House (Chen Stormstout, Stormstout Brewery)
Fight the three enemy bosses (Eddy, Fizzy and Jooga) and help Chen clean the inside mess!

Into the Brewery (Chen Stormstout, Stormstout Brewery)
The Chen Stormstout quest chain is now finished. The next ones need a 5 player group which you can start as well.

Stoneplow Thirts (Emmi, Stormstout Brewery)
Emmi will ask you to deliver some brew to the town. You should agree to her and move towards the East for other quests.

New Cifera
You will now move toward the source of the special water which makes the vegetables grow BIG!

Ashyo’s Vision (Clever Ashyo, New Cifera)
Ashyo wants your help him and finds the water source which is supplied to the valley Complete this quest and then talk to Zhang Yue at the Pools of Purity so you can have an extra quest, it will save time.

Battletoads (Yan, New Cifera)
You will be going to the pools of purity, Yan will ask you to collect some toadspawns which is an ingredient for Bottletoads!

Snap Judgment (Zhang Yue, New Cifera)
A local of the Pools of Purity will ask for your help, you will have to kill 16 dragon turtles.

The Golden Dream (Zhang Yue, New Cifera)
Zhang Yue will now ask you to gather a sprig of Dreamleaf and take it to Yan, Cifera. You will find it in the middle of the pools!

Watery Woes (Gladecaster Lang, New Cifera)
A fisherman is having problems with his wife, he has no baits. Find and collect 10 bugs and five feathers from the cranes nearby.

Silken Fields

Where Silk Comes From (Silkmaster Tsai, Silken Fields)
The Silk master will teach you about producing silk in Pandaria. The tough job here is to find the items; you can find the Mulberry leaves in the pots of the flower gardens. The silkworms are located in the large pit. The raw silk is located in a pot just next to the large hut.

The Moth Rebellion (Journeyman Chu, Silken Fields)
The journeyman was trying to increase his production but it turned out to be bad. Help him and kill the 8 of the creatures.

Mothran! (Journeyman Chu, Silken Fields)
You will have to kill the mother creature now, Mothran.