Mists of Pandaria Monk Talents Tree Guide

Mists of Pandaria expansion will bring a lot of reforms in the World of Warcraft. One of them is the new monk class which has lots of talents (different trees n tiers). Following guide will explain all these talents!

Monk Talent Tree (Tier 1)
The first talent tree is all about your mobility. It has three talents Celerity, Tiger’s Lust and Momentum and all three of these are related to mobility. Celerity will increase the maximum number of charges Roll and Chi Torpedo can; it will also decrease their cool-down by five seconds.

Tiger’s Lust has a 30 second cool down; it will increase your movement speed by 70% and also clear all the movement impairing effects. Momentum increases your movement speed by 25% more (10 seconds) whenever you use the roll of chi torpedo.

It is up to you as how you want to upgrade these. Tanks and healers would prefer Celerity; Momentum would be better for DPS and Tiger’s Lust for the PVPs as its cool down is 30 second.

Monk Talent Tree (Tier 2)
Chi Wave, Zen Sphere and Chi Burst are the abilities which are related to your chi. Chi Wave is an ability which contacts the nearest five enemies/friends and damages/heals them accordingly.

The Zen Sphere will also heal any target beneath the generated sphere (every 2 sec for 16 sec). It also does a minor amount of damage to the foes in the AOE. The Chi Burst is very similar to the Chi Wave as it will heal or damage anybody in its path. Chi Burst has more damage and healing effects, but Chi Wave is a lot easier to use.

Healers and Tanks are suggested to use the Zen Sphere, all these abilities would be good for PVE/PVP but it depends on how you play with them.

Monk Talent Tree (Tier 3)
The third tier is all about the management of your chi; the abilities are: Power Strikes, Ascension and Chi Brew. Power Strikes has a 20-second cool-down; it will generate an additional chi when it lands (or a chi sphere – depends upon the situation).

The Ascension will simply add an extra Chi (now you will have 5 instead of the normal 4.) Chi Brew is very useful; it will get all of your chi back, but it has a cool-down of 90 seconds.

While you are in PVP, i will suggest that you use Chi Brew as it gives you a precise control, but it is a little slower. Chi Brew and Ascension are good for healers as they will get your Chi back.

Monk Talent Tree (Tier 4)
In this talent tree, the monks will get crowd controlling abilities, which are Deadly Reach, Leg Sweep and the Charging Ox Wave. Deadly Reach will increase your paralysis reach from melee to 40 yards.

Leg Sweep will knockdown all the enemies in your melee range and stun them as well (for five seconds) Charging OX Wave is a wave which travels up to 30 yards and stuns anything it contacts for three seconds.

These are all useful abilities, Leg Sweep is suggested for the melee’s and tanks as it will stun near-by enemies. Deadly Reach is good for healers as it has a good range. PVE players are suggested to use Charging OX, but it’s up to you again.

Monk Talent Tree (Tier 5)
This tree is related to controlling the damage taken by you. The abilities are Healing Elixirs, Diffuse Magic and Dampen Harm. Healing Elixirs will heal you by 10% every time you drink it, you are allowed to do this once every 15 sec.

Dampen Harm will half the damage of the next three attacks you will take (within 45 seconds and <10%) It has a 90 sec cool-down. Diffuse Magic is related to magic, returns the damage to the attacker if he is in 40-yard range. It will clear all the magic debuffs on you and also prevent 90% of magic damage taken in the next six seconds.

All these abilities are a great use for the tanks but are difficult to choose! Dampen Harm will help you to penetrate huge amounts of damage whereas Diffuse Magic would protect you from magical-attacks. Healing Elixirs would be good for DPS. PVP players might go for Diffuse Magic.

Monk Talent Tree (Tier 6)
The sixth and the last tier of the monks is related to Area of Effect (AOE) damage abilities. Rushing Jade Wind is an ability which will send out a tornado causing damage to anybody it hits.

Invoke Xuen will summon a white Tiger, which would help you in your fights for a total of 45 seconds; it has a cool down of 3 minutes. Chi Torpedo will make you roll forward and cause damage to your foes and heal your allies.

The best in these three is summoning the tiger (Invoke XueN) DPS players could try Rushing Jade and players who roll a lot could use the Chi Torpedo.

It might be a little difficult to choose the right abilities in the start, but as you gain experience and know your play-style more, you will get used to it. Anyhow, these are just suggestions, the trick is to try out different things and see which works best for you.

Don’t forget to add you think of this new tiered talents system in Mists of Pandaria.