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Rumor: Final Fantasy Versus XIII Cancelled

Could Square Enix’s long-gestating Final Fantasy Versus  XIII be dead?

That’s what Kotaku’s sources are telling them. One source states that the game has been officially cancelled within the last few weeks. This move apparently had a major impact within the staff and a lot of people were saddened by the news.

In addition to this, another source claims that Final Fantasy Versus XIII has been “folded” into Final Fantasy XV. It’s not known at this time if that meant moving Final Fantasy Versus XIII’s code and assets into FF XV or if it just means that the staff migrated.

This rumor has been independently confirmed by yet another source and note that this “folding” rumor has been known for a while, but before this cancellation rumor started.

It’s also worth noting that FF Versus XIII has been announced back in 2006. Now we’re almost at the end of this console cycle and we’ve yet to see hair nor hide of it since.

To read the entire report, click here.

Do you think FF Versus XIII is cancelled? If so, are you saddened by it?