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God of War: Ascension to Tone Down Violence Against Women

Sony’s God of War games has never been about subtlety. On the contrary, it’s quite known for its protagonist — Kratos — actually being a jerk.

Not only does he do anything he pleases, he also treats women as sex objects and generally isn’t afraid to rough them up.

That seems to have changed in God of War: Ascension. The prequel shows a more human Kratos and Sony Santa Monica admits that they “pulled” back a few things — particularly, Kratos’ violence against women.

There are some things we’ve pulled back from. I think where this has been an issue is with violence against women — the team’s pulled back from some of that and assessed that a little more carefully. There are certain things that carry has a different kind of resonance that we don’t want to get into. This isn’t about statement-making in that regard. It’s about fleshing out this character.

Of course, the fact that this is a prequel means that Kratos won’t be that big of a jerk…at least I’m hoping he isn’t.

God of War: Ascension is scheduled for release in March 2013 for the PS3.

Source: IGN