EA: “Obvious” Next Step in Dead Space Franchise is to “Play with Someone”

It’s no secret that Dead Space 3 is set to have co-op — a first for the franchise. But why include this mode at all, you might ask?

EA Games’ Marketing boss Laura Miele says that this inclusion is an “obvious next step” into the franchise.

We were hearing feedback that they love the thriller game, but it was pretty scary, and the obvious next step was that they wanted to play with someone. So we introduced co-op into the game.

The horror of Dead Space is still all there. It’s still true to its roots and no less scary, but people felt far more comfortable playing it with someone else than they did doing it on their own.

Personally, I would rather go to scary movie with my husband rather than sit at home with the lights out watching one on my own. We’re looking for that to reach out to consumers that perhaps were not open to Dead Space 1 and 2.

To be honest, as long as Visceral implements it right, I don’t see co-op being that too big of a problem. I mean, it’s not like we’re being forced to play the game in co-op, players have the option of playing it solo even if they want to.

Dead Space 3 is set for release on February 2013 for the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.

Source: MCV