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Ni No Kuni: Special Edition To Get More Stuff As Pre-Orders Rise

I got to hand it to Namco Bandai for coming up with something like this. The publishing house has announced a way through which the Special Edition pack for Ni No Kuni will receive significant enhancement.

It’s pretty simple, as the number of pre-orders for the game increase the Special Edition pack gets more stuff crammed into it. They are calling it the Nino Starter and for this purpose Namco has also developed a special web site which shows the current progress. At the moment they have achieved 35% completion on their way to goal #1.

The image (top) shows what the Special Edition pack has to offer so far.

The Ninostarter will officially end on August 31, so if you’re planning to pre-order you might want to do it now. Ni No Kuni will release on January 22, 2012.