Battlefield 3’s Armored Kill Gameplay Trailer Confirms the Return of Snow Maps

DICE has revealed the first-ever official trailer for its upcoming “Armored Kill” expansion for Battlefield 3. While Close Quarters focused on tight, infantry-only combat, Armored Kill is the opposite as vehicles and big maps are the stars in the video.

We get to see the biggest Battlefield map ever (Bandar Desert) that DICE has been touting since E3. In this map, we get to see tanks, choppers and jets partake in vehicular warfare.

Now, it might be just me, but the biggest surprise here is the return of snow maps. This is something a lot of Battlefield 3 fans have been requesting and DICE seems to have delivered. It’s set to take place in Alborz Mountain and really brings back memories of Bad Company 2’s winter wonderland mayhem.

Aside from those details, Armored Kill will offer BF3 players four new maps, five new vehicles, 5 new assignments, a new game mode called “Tank Superiority” and the inclusion of the AC-130 Gunship in the game.

Armored Kill is set for release this coming September and BF3 Premium members will get a two-week headstart to try it out.

Are you excited for this or should DICE focus on more infantry-only maps?