Capcom Releases Resident Evil 6 Videos Detailing Three Perspectives

Capcom has just released not one, not even two, but three new gameplay trailers for Resident Evil 6!

As with the other Resident Evil 6 videos Capcom has released, be cautious in threading forward as the publisher has not been scared to post a spoiler or two in its promotional vids.

First up,  we get to see Leon Kennedy take out zombies in a railway and it’s some nasty business.

Next, there’s Chris Redfield who has a partner along for the ride named Piers and an entire squad of military types as they take on the undead in Poisawan’s Inner Area.

Lastly, we have Albert Wesker’s son, Jake Muller, who takes on a new enemy type called the Ustanak in an airplane crash site.

What do you think? Should Capcom stop ruining the game before it’s October 2 release date for the Xbox 360 and PS3?