Katsuhiro Harada Talks About Swimwear in Tekken Tag Tournament 2

After E3, the director and chief producer of Tekken, Katsuhiro Harada has been revealing information about the upcoming Tekken Tag Tournament 2.
Recently, Namco Bandai announced that pre-ordering TTT2 will get you 100 pieces of swim wear (the digital kind; you pervert). When asked about this, Harada simply stated:

The swimsuits were just another hook to appeal to a different crowd […] It’s not that people will buy the game just for the swimsuits. People are already going to buy the game, but they’ll do it later, or they might forget. We want them to do it now, so we try to prepare several hooks, and that’s one of them.

When asked why fighting games could get away with having characters in swimsuits without criticism in comparison with other games, he responded:

Perhaps maybe it’s because with other games its more story based and it’s about the atmosphere and environment. For fighting games it’s all about the opponent. The character and the way they’re dressed isn’t as important because they are just a tool. You are more focused on the opponent and what they’re doing and what their characteristics are.

It’s also interesting to note that not only the women, but the men and even the nonhuman characters will be sporting swim wear. Just try to get the image of Heihachi Mishima in a speedo out of your head.

Source: GamesRadar