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New Companion ‘HK-51’ Revealed for Star Wars: The Old Republic

Salman Hamid – If you liked Knights of the Old Republic then Bioware’s newest announcement concerning their MMO will be of special interest to you, because soon you’ll be able to recruit a very familiar droid.

Yes, soon you’ll be able to add the HK-51 assassination droid to your party. The HK-51 series is an upgraded version of the HK-50s that so lovingly made your life hell in KOTOR.

The news was revealed at the recently concludedComic-Con, and while they did not say how exactly you would go about obtaining one, they did mention it would require a great deal of questing. Here’s the reveal trailer if you missed it.

A release date is yet to be revealed, but we’ve been promised that’ll it’ll come ‘in the near future’.

We’re not clearly sure what Bioware hoped to achieve by this reveal though, since it’s not really something that’s going to make uninterested players subscribe, but it’s a nice throwback for longtime veterans on the Star Wars MMOs.