New Character Named ‘Bill’ Confirmed for The Last Of Us

Don’t mix him up with Bill from another zombie-filled game though.

The role is being reprised by one W. Earl Brown and makes an interesting new addition to the characters we already know about. Bill is a “tech-y” character, and comes with all the skills and knowledge to fix things and put just about anything together. However, he’s also got a touch of paranoia…

If you’ve not watched the trailer from SDCC yet, then you might want to skip the next part as it contains spoilers.

Bill gets introduced to our established protagonists, Joel and Ellie, shortly after the three of them manage to make an escape from the infected humans. Once the dust has settled and the introductions have passed, Bill’s paranoia reveals itself. His sheer fear that he might get infected quickly leads to Ellie being handcuffed to a pipe whilst Joel is inspected at gunpoint so that Bill can rest assured there’s no risk of infection.

Not long after all that is cleared up, we find out that Joel and Bill happen to go back quite a long way. Joel and Ellie had also set off all the traps in Bill’s house when they break into it earlier in the game (Unaware of what the future holds, of course). So, turns out that Bill owes Joel a favour from their past. Joel needs a car so he can escape along with Ellie, and Bill can provide that. Whilst Bill doesn’t own a car, he can build one. Joel and Ellie need to collect parts from around town so that Bill can put one together.

You can also check out the trailer introducing Bill straight from San Diego Comic-Con: