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Dota 2 Outworld Destroyer Guide – Builds, Abilities, Items and Strategy

Outworld Destroyer is one of the scariest heroes in the late game because of his pure damage attacks and he can get to the point where his ultimate Sanity Eclipse can just wipe the enemy team!

OD is a late game, very item dependent hero whose goal is to just farm up for the late game, and then proceed to kill everything down really fast with his stacked Intelligence.

From the world on the rim, here is Harbinger, the Outworld Destroyer!

Pros and Cons

  • + High damage per second output
  • + Ultimate has the potential to be the best teamwiping ulti in the game
  • + Strong 1vs1 laner
  • + Good stat gain
  • – Very item dependent
  • – Fragile
  • – Can’t contribute anything useful to the game in the first 15 minutes

Browse through the guide – Abilities, Builds, Items and Strategy.

Dota 2 – Outworld Destroyer Abilities

Arcane Orb
Adds extra pure damage to Outworld Destroyer’s attacks, based on his remaining mana pool. Arcane Orb also does bonus damage to summoned units and illusions.

  • Percent Mana Pool to Damage: 6%/7%/8%/9%
  • Bonus Damage to Illusions and Summons: 100/200/300/400
  • Manacost: 100

The higher your manapool, the higher your attack damage is. And it does Pure damage so it can’t be reduced by armor or magic resistance.

Astral Improsonment
Places a target allied or enemy hero into an astral prison. The hidden hero is invulnerable and disabled. When cast on an enemy Hero, Harbinger temporarily steals intelligence from that hero.

  • Intelligence Stolen: 2/4/6/8
  • Duration of Steal: 60
  • Duration of Imprisonment: 1/2/3/4
  • Cooldown: 18/16/14/12
  • Manacost: 120/140/160/180

The skill that makes laning so great. Against INT heroes, with each cast you are effectively denying enemy damage while raising your own, against other low int heroes you will be reducing their INT to 0, which will make them unable to cast spells.

Essence Aura
Whenever nearby allied Heroes or Outworld Destroyer itself casts a spell, it gains a chance to restore 25% of its mana pool. Outworld Destroyer also passively gains a bonus to its base mana pool. Several skills with no cooldown and toggled spells cannot trigger Essence Aura.

  • Chance to Restore: 10%/20%/30%/40%
  • Base Mana: 75/150/225/300

He is every spell spammer’s good friend because of this aura. At some point in the game you will be able to autocast Arcane Orb while constantly being at full mana.

Sanity’s Eclipse
Deals damage to enemy Heroes in an area of effect based on the difference between Harbinger and the affected Hero’s intelligence. If the intelligence difference is under a threshold, the affected Hero loses 75% of its current mana.

Sanity’s Eclipse can hit units trapped in Astral Imprisonment. If an enemy hero has the same or higher Intelligence than Outworld Destroyer, Sanity’s Eclipse has no effect.

  • Radius: 375/475/575
  • Intelligence Difference Damage Multiplier: 8/9/10
  • Intelligence Difference Threshold: 10/30/50
  • Manacost: 175/250/325
  • Cooldown

This ultimate can absolutely decimate weak intellect heroes on the late game because the Intelligence difference will get huge between OD and STR/Agi carries like those pesky Anti-Mages or Lycans.

Dota 2 – Outworld Destroyer Skill Build

  1. Astral Imprisonment
  2. Essence Aura
  3. Astral Imprisonment
  4. Essence Aura
  5. Astral Imprisonment
  6. Sanity’s Eclipse
  7. Astral Imprisonment
  8. Essence Aura
  9. Essence Aura
  10. Arcane Orb
  11. Sanity’s Eclipse
  12. Arcane Orb
  13. Arcane Orb
  14. Arcane Orb
  15. Stats
  16. Sanity’s Eclipse

Astral Imprisonment gives you an int boost with each cast, which in turn will increase you damage for lasthits/denies/harassment so it is normally maxed first. Essence Aura is the second spell to max because it will allow you to regain mana to support more Astral casts.

Arcane Orb will only do a good amount of damage when you can support casting it multiple times, because even with full mana in the early game it will only do 50 damage and do a lot less with each subsequent cast.

There are times when you want to take an early point of Arcane Orb around level 7 or 8 but unless you’ve got some items at this point, it’s just better to avoid fights. The ultimate Sanity’s Eclipse is taken when possible, except in a few times where you are facing an opponent with lots of regen and you can’t kill him at level 6.

Outworld Destroyer Recommended items

Starting: 2x Mantle of Intelligence, Branch, Branch,  Tango and Salve
These starting items will give you some nice stats to get some last hits and extra mana for Astral as well as giving extra hp.

Power Treads OR Tranquil Boots: 
Both are viable on OD. Power Treads give you extra Attack Speed to use more Arcane Orbs, which he normally doesn’t get until the late game, as well as extra INT for stronger right clicks and ultimate, while giving you the option to switch to STR to get a survival boost.

BUT OD also doesn’t get regeneration items, so Tranquil Boots will allow you to never go to fountain due to it’s high regen, and it will allow you to farm the jungle in case you can’t farm the lanes in the mid game. I generally prefer Tranquil Boots on this hero but either are very viable.

Core: Upgraded boots, Magic Wand, one or two Null Talismans, TP Scroll
Magic Wand will give some hp and mana and you should always carry a TP Scroll. Null Talismans are the cheapest way to improve your damage, you should get a few of them to fill up the remaining slots of your inventory before you can farm up big items.

Strong Extensions:  Force Staff, Scythe of Vyse
Force staff gives you a nice escape/chasing tool, as well as providing you with some nice stats. Scythe is THE best item that OD can get, it’s really expensive but because OD is a carry hero, I’m listing it under just extension because you should always aim for it in every game.

The huge INT you get will allow you to decimate everything with both of your offensive skills, and the disable will pretty much allow you to destroy any hero in seconds.

Luxuries: Shiva’s Guard, Orchid Malevolence
All of these will further improve your intelligence, making you hit stronger. Shiva will make you more resistant against right clicks while giving you an area slow. Orchid will further boost your damage and attack speed while giving you a Silence.

Situational and Fun yet viable items: Black King Bar, Refresher Orb, Mask of Madness, Hand of Midas, Rod of Atos

Black King Bar when the enemy has lots of disables and can burst you down. Refresher allows you to double ultimate, if one ultimate can almost decimate a team by itself, then 2 will make opponents just leave the game.

Mask of Madness after getting the Scythe is very viable since it will allow you to perform almost twice the amount of attacks. Just be careful because you will take more damage with it 🙂

Hand of Midas will boost your gold gain for big items, as well as boosting your experience gain, making you get bigger Orbs faster in the game. Though it’s viable, it’s generally not worth getting if you aren’t dominating your lane and your team can’t hold itself. General rule of thumb, don’t get it after 8minutes in the game.

Rod of Atos is a poor man’s alternative to Scythe. The INT and extra hp is nice but you won’t kill stronger enemies or enemies with evasion as well as you could if you had a Sheepstick. Definitely only go for it if the game is going badly and you just can’t farm.

I left Aghanim Scepter out on purpose because the way it is now, it’s just not worth getting it. It just pales in comparison to any of the above items, both survival and damage wise.

Outworld Destroyer Strategy Tips

You are the main carry so your goal is to just farm and farm and farm. But as usual, if you can get an easy kill like an opponent diving one of your allies, go for it and get free extra gold.

As OD, you should always go for the solo mid, or the safe lane (Dire top/Radiant Bottom). Though due to the nature of your skillset, you are mostly better as a solo hero to get faster levels.

Whenever you use Astral Imprisonment, the enemy can’t receive experience from creep kills. So you need to time it just when one of your creeps is going to die, so that you use it to its maximum potential. You can get a big level advantage over your enemy by doing this.

Enemies generally underestimate Sanity Eclipse damage. If you’ve stacked up on intellect items to make the difference between INT over 100, your ultimate will deal a whopping 1000 damage! Which means at anytime you pop it you can team wipe pretty easily.

One of your worst enemies is Pugna, his ward will hurt you when you attack and your ultimate will probably only tickle him, because he has the highest natural intelligence in the game.

Another thing to watch out is enemies with BKB, you can’t use Arcane Orb against them so sometimes you are better off sheeping them before they have a chance to use it, or  just using Astral on yourself and wait for BKB to run out

Astral can also be used on your allies to buy time for them when they are stunned by the enemy. Example, enemy Windrunner Shackles your allied Crystal Maiden to a tree for 3.75 seconds and his team moves to kill her.

You Astral your ally and when the Astral time is over, the stun already ran out and Maiden will atleast be able to pop a few spells on the enemy before dying. Other good uses of Astral are on team fight heroes, like Tidehunter on the middle of the fight wanting to pop RAVAGE. You astral him and proceed to kill enemy damage dealers so that when he pops the Ravage, his team won’t be around to deal damage.