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Darksiders 2 Will Have 25+ Hours of Main Storyline

Darksiders 2
There is little doubt that Darksiders fans are just aching to have a go at the upcoming sequel for the game. The fact that you get to play as the Horseman Death doesn’t help in nullifying the urge to play either.

But a month’s wait will reward you with much more than what Darksiders 1 had to offer in-terms of quanity – that’s at least what the developers have promised.

Thanks to a ton of information extracted by the ever-so-dedicated fans of the first game (and now the series) on NeoGAF, we’ve managed to find out some exciting new facts about the game, but the one that has amazed us the most is that the game will feature more than 25+ of the main storyline.

Despite the expect virtual mass of content, it’ll still manage to wisely fit in a single Xbox 360 DVD, so to not trouble both retailers and consumers.

There is also the revelation of a new gameplay mode that greatly resembles the infamous Hardcore mode of the Diablo games; you will have only one life to finish the entire game, meaning if you die, you can say bye-bye.

Swaying away from the rhymes, i’d say with child-like confidence that these revealed traits of Darksiders 2 make it even more deserving of being in the ‘confirmed-buy’ plate of any gamer.

The game arrives for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC on August 14. Wii U players will have to wait slightly towards the later part of the year to experience the game.