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Aion 3.1 Update Arriving Tomorrow

Salman Hamid – The much anticipated 3.1 update will be with us on the 18th (which is tomorrow) and is aimed at helping lower level players get up to the good stuff faster.

Firstly, a new shared server called the ‘fast-track’ server will be released. The server will give double XP gain for all players level 1-50, and will feature permanent Rift buffs to help you hit that level cap faster.

The instances Alquimia Research Center, Aetherogenetics Lab, Steel Rake, Theobomos Lab, and Adma Stronghold now allow lower level requirements. It gives a chance to smaller groups of newer players to complete them. Furthermore, Alquimia Research Center and Aetherogenetics Lab mobs now grant increased experience, and the bosses will drop Heroic and Legendary equipment.

Lastly, you might want to grab a few friends and go adventuring in the Abyss, because now a new world monster called the Volcanic Molteus lurks there. Good luck!