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343 Hiring for Next-Gen Halo Game

Are you itching for more Halo games? Even if you aren’t, 343 Industries will be making ’em still.

This news was unearthed by the fact that 343 is now hiring for a next-gen Halo title. This is listed on Microsoft’s own career’s page and it states, “343 Industries is looking for an experienced graphics developer to help create the current and next generation of game visuals in the Halo universe.”

The ad also exclaims, “Work with the incredible 343 team to help drive the future of Halo.”So, if you’re a Graphics Developer and has an interest in Halo, I suggest applying there now.

Of course, the fact that Microsoft is working on a next-gen Halo game is to be expected. It is the publisher’s biggest franchise, after all.

Would you want to see more Halo on the next Xbox or should Microsoft rest the franchise for a bit?

Source: Videogamer