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Newly Hinted Metal Gear Solid 5 Is Possibly Project OGRE

News about the enigmatic Project OGRE have lingered around for some time now, but after a revealing Comic-Con, rumors have spread around the audible corners of the gaming world about a possible new Metal Gear Solid, and a link between OGRE and the new addition to the infamous franchise.

A recklessly potty-mouthed post on Reddit suggests that Project OGRE is actually the pseudo-name for the partially revealed Metal Gear Solid 5, and that OGRE stands for “Open Ground Reconnaissance Endeavors”.

It certainly sounds Metal Gear-esque, if you ask me, but to add to the illusiveness of this revelation, there is a caption underneath the partially blurry screenshot reading “the moment we were cast out of heaven, we became monsters.”

Well, the caption bit doesn’t sound too much like Konami’s traditional Metal Gear games – you’d expect more philosophically political statements to be hovering below the titles.

From what I can see, this little revelation might be hinting of a slightly altered approach, both in the story-telling and gameplay paradigms of the Metal Gear series.

What do you make out of it?

[Source: OXM]