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Gears of War: Judgment Release Date Announced

Gears of War fans will no longer have to worry about being kept in the dark about the upcoming addition in the shooter franchise, as Microsoft has revealed the release date of Gears of War: Judgment, which is set for a March 19, 2013 release.

Microsoft announced the date today in a press release, along with a brief description of most of the known features of the game.

The one highlighted in particular was the all-new OverRun multiplayer mode, a class-based mode that combines various elements of the Horde and Beat modes seen in previous GoW games. A new map for the mode, called “Island”, was also revealed – the second map to be announced after “Rooftop”, shown in the E3 2012 demo.

Additionally, Microsoft also revealed the writers behind this episode of the Gears of War series, which will act as a sort of prequel for the entire Gears of War plot.

Tom Bissell (author of “Extra Lives”) and Rob Auten are the writers of the game. The plot of Judgment will revolve around the Kilo Squad, led by Damon Baird and Augustus Cole, as they defy orders and attempt to save the city of Halvo Bay from the Locust onslaught.

So, it seems the time has come once again to sit quiet and wait an entire 7 months or so before you get your hands on yet another Gears of War game.

But are you equipped with the required patience?