Naughty Dog Shows How Bill Stays Safe in this The Last of Us Trailer

Naughty Dog held a panel for The Last of Us at this year’s Comic-con, and in it, they showed a new trailer for the game!

While it’s never fun to discuss spoilers, the trailer does show us that the duo has an ally in the game and he’s Bill.

Bill is voiced by Hollywood actor W. Earl Brown (Scream, Vanilla Sky).

If you replay the trailer again, you get to hear the Infected as they hunt Joel and Ellie. So, there’s the Infected and actual humans who are out to make your life miserable in the game.

Let’s hope The Last of Us comes even near to what the Uncharted franchise has accomplished. If so, then this is a must-buy.

The Last of Us is set to ship next year for the PS3.