Epic Teaches You How to Play “OverRun” in Gears of War: Judgment’s

Epic Games seems to be changing the Gears formula in more ways than one in Gears of War: Judgement.

One of the big changes they’ve made is the addition of a new multiplayer mode called “OverRun.” Now, in the video below, we get to hear Baird himself teach you how the mode works. To be honest, Epic seems to have been inspired by DICE’s Battlefield 3 in its class structure.

There’s the Assault class who can give ammo to his teammates, an Engineer who can build turrets and repair structures with his blowtorch, the Medic who can heal and revive teammate, and the scout, who’s main ability is tagging enemies on the battlefield.

What sets OverRun apart is that players will use different Locusts in this mode, too. For more details on their abilities and classes, give the vid a watch.

I honestly welcome the change as a good thing. Let’s hope it pays off once Gears of War: Judgment becomes available in March next year.