Assassin’s Creed 3 – The Fast-Paced Wolf Pack Mode

Ubisoft freshly unveiled a unique new feature in the upcoming Assassin’s Creed III at Comic-Con, and believe you me it is one that has not been seen before in the series, or possibly in any other game.

Let’s be honest, ever since the poster leak of Assassin’s Creed III – which one tends to wonder was actually a deliberate act by Ubisoft, seeing the ample amount of advertising that came after it – we’ve had a large share of information and what-not from the makers of the series, both on what will and what won’t be in the historic action-adventure game.

But this is the first time we’ll be hearing about something that’s called Wolf Pack. No, it’s not a special tactical maneuver in-game for our redneck hunting hero, but instead is an intriguing co-op mode, a type that has rarely, if ever, been seen before.

Wolf Pack sets a team (or would the term ‘pack’ better suit the appellation?) loose on a map filled with NPCs, the kind you would expect in any city you walk in as an Assassin in the series. But the true excitement of the co-op mode comes with its core objective: to hunt out specific targets within the map, and that too with a choking time-limit to maintain the pressure and intensity.

So, with the simplicity that it has, it’s very easy to derive the fact that this will be one fast-paced mode. And I don’t just mean fast as in fast – I mean fast as in really fast.

Mind though, that the time-limit won’t be a constant. The players will start off with a specific time limit to hunt down the first target.

When you do so, a small quantity will be added to your ticking clock, giving you extra time. So, if you’re quick and efficient enough – and are actually working as a team, you’d actually be able to stack up lots of time with every assassination, giving you more chances to progress further in this hassle-filled but theoretically ultra-exciting mode.

It may sound too easy to be fun for long, but extra complications in the mechanics of the whole mode make it even more intriguing. Most of the key targets will usually be hanging out together – you know, like the way all those killable aristocrats tend to hang out in one spot in the movies.

If you, or anyone in your team is reckless (or crazy) and attempts to pummel on top of one of the targets while the rest look on, it will cause the others to flee in fear, hence greatly enlarging the distance between you and them. They would even completely shut you off by closing inaccessible doors on your face, hence having you inevitably fail.

Violent and chaotic as the entire mode may sound, it actually requires lots of discipline and good teamwork for easy progression. To accompany this desired synchrony, there are multiple methods of assassinating your targets.

You may find in many situations that stabbing a target with the pointy end of your melee weapon is not the way to go. In this case the mode will give you multiple alternatives to choose from, such as poison darts and other specialized manners, which also carry with them additional points.

So, to sum everything up, Wolf Pack is a mode for those looking forward to some good, fast and well-managed team gaming. It’s also for those looking to jump immediately into action for a casual session with friends.

On a somewhat related note, PC owners might be disappointed about the fact that Ubisoft has delayed the release of the game for the concerned platform. Speculations have emerged that the reason for this could be to encourage gamers into buying the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 version.

We’ve already observed a bit of antagonism towards the PC platform from Ubisoft before in the past couple of years, but we truly hope they change their approach toward the platform. Though a final date has not been disclosed by the publisher, they stated that the release would be before Christmas.

For the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 owners, expect the game to be released on October 30 in North America and the next day in Europe.