New Deadpool Game In Development

Marvel is in the air as another game based on one of it’s iconic comic character is announced. Activision and High Moon Studios have revealed that a game based on Deadpool is in development. Except for the confirmation nothing else was given by the studios.

They, however, promised to reveal more details in due time. For now, a teaser website has gone online which you can check here.

Deadpool is a mercenary and an anti-hero. His main power is his super healing factor, which enables him to regenerate any destroyed tissues, organs or limbs at super-human rate.

It also makes him immune to diseases and infections. His regenerative powers also make him invulnerable to psychic attacks and gives him increased endurance and stamina. In all his powers share a lot of similarities with Wolverine.

In the area of combat, Deadpool is an expert in various forms of martial arts. His weapons of choice is the sword and bow. In some comics, he also carries a device which helps him conceal his appearance, making him the ultimate assassin.

We will add more details about the game as soon as they are revealed.

Post Updated:

  • Trailer posted below.
  • The game will be in a third-person perspective.
  • Nolan North from the Uncharted series will be doing the voice work.
  • Deadpool will release next year for the PS3 and Xbox 360.