Yoshinori Ono Hints at New Darkstalkers Game at Comic-Con

During Capcom’s Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Celebration at Comic-Con, fighting game producer and the “face” of Capcom’s fighters Yoshinori Ono dressed up in a Blanka costume and hinted at what could be Capcom’s upcoming fighter.

Ono talked about how he wants fans to hold up $5 and $10 bills to show support for Darkstalkers and he takes pics of these to show Capcom execs that — yes — fans do want a new Darkstalkers game.

However, this year, Ono states, “this year, you don’t have to do that, and it’s not necessarily bad news!” He then followed up that he has to be careful what he says next or he might get in trouble.

Mind you, that’s not an official confirmation, but it seems quite likely that Capcom is indeed working on a new entry to the franchise, no?

Source: Siliconera