Resident Evil 6 – List of Known Weapons

Weapons and associated upgrades have always been both an essential and iconic element in the Resident Evil series. The upcoming 6th installment is no different in this regard, as it features an ample variety of weapons for the sacred duty of zombie slaying.

It’s not a no-fact that even the simplest weapons are acceptable during a zombie apocalypse, but RE6 gives you more than just simple. So far, a large amount of weapons have already been revealed, but Capcom suggests this is only a small part of what will be available in the retail game.

The following is the list of the known weapons in Resident Evil 6, along with their description. Most veterans of the series will be able to recognize some of the classic weapons, despite changes to their names.

Survival Knife:
This is the good ol’ knife – a complete must-have incase you run out of ammunition for your projectile weapons (and let me tell you, ammo is one thing you will certainly run out of often in any RE game).

It’s simple, effective, and oh-so-necessary for breaking those pots which may contain precious bullets for your magnum.

Wing Shooter:
The Wing Shooter is a standard pistol. But unlike most other RE games, this time you can actually dual-wield two of these at once. Don’t expect yourself to be dead accurate while doing so though.

The Hydra is a classic shotgun that games in handy for taking out those too-close-to-comfort zombies and mutants. It works brilliantly against unarmored enemies; but for those wearing metal, you might want to try out something more accurate.

The Picador is an accurate handgun – an ideal standard weapon of choice.

The 909 is Chris Redfield’s standard handgun in the game.  Expect it to do decent damage, but nothing like those heavier badass projectile weapons.

Assault Rifle:
The trusty Assault Rifle is great for taking out both armored enemies and those exposed, and at both close and long range.

The MP-AF is a sub-machine gun, best suited for spraying bullets at close-ranged enemies.

Anti-Material Rifle:
This badass is one heck of a sniper rifle, as it can even take on vehicles. Use this against armored foes to penetrate through their metal protections. Using this on fleshy enemies is just overkill.

Elephant Killer:
This is an extremely powerful handgun that lives up to its intimidating appellation.

Triple Shot:
The Triple Shot is a versatile handgun that can fire single rounds or fire three-round bursts. Its accuracy with the single shot is particularly useful in exploiting the exposed areas of armored enemies.

Stun Rod:
The Stun Rod is an alternative to the Survival Knife. It also works well when used in combination with its melee counterpart – stun ‘em, then chop ‘em with your knife.

Hand Grenade:
The standard hand grenade works so well against a horde of incoming slow zombies. Just throw it, and wait for the ‘kaboom’.

Flash Grenade:
A handy grenade when you’re surrounded by a large group of enemies or are fighting a very tough one. It blinds the enemy for a short while, allowing you to take them out easily.

Remote Bomb:
The Remote Bomb is a tactical explosive that can be used for setting up traps for those mindless rampaging zombies.