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Borderlands 2 Badass System Revealed

Gearbox Software has attempted to create a system through which players will continue playing Borderlands 2 for years to come. It’s called the Badass system and today, Gearbox revealed just how it works.

The Badass system is basically a character progression system with an infinite number of levels. Leveling up in-game helps promote your Badass rank, which in turn provides statistical bonuses to all of your characters. The game randomly decides on a set of bonuses for you and you decide on what statistic to increase.

Speaking to Eurogamer, Gearbox chief Randy Pitchford said that the Badass system was the first of its kind and he expects to see players with Badass levels in the thousands.

I don’t know of any examples. There are a couple of games that have done profile levelling. Even Call of Duty multiplayer, your growth is profile related, not character related, but they don’t have character choices. You’re not growing characters. And I haven’t seen one that’s comfortable with infini-growth. Everything puts a cap onto it.

The Badass system was a result of the data they collected from players playing Borderlands. The two years data has helped Gearbox in creating mathematical models to predict how players will play Borderlands 2 and how the Badass system will evolve.

Source. Eurogamer