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New Planetside 2 Series, “Command Center”, Reveals Beta Is Due Soon

The newly launched PlanetSide Command Center series, a new dev diary, tells us that the beta could be as soon as next month.

The tag-team duo of Matt Higby and Tramell Isaac launched the first episode of PlanetSide Comman Center last night. They were joined by Executive Producer Josh Hackney, and he explained to us that the beta is near ready to roll out.

He also told us that the feedback from PlanetSide veterans is important to them, so they’ll be the first people to get beta keys. Anyone else who’s applied for a beta key will get theirs over time as well.

It’s a sensible plan, since the hardcore players of the original game are likely to have a lot more to say about the new mechanics and balancing.

The video doesn’t stop at talking beta keys though; there’s also a lot of info on some of the new things coming your way in PlanetSide2 and events in the current PlanetSide. If you want to check them out, then you can right here: