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Hitman: Absolution Gets A 17 Minute “Streets of Hope” Video

Square Enix has made a lot of Hitman fans happy today. They have officially released the walkthrough video they showed at this year’s E3. The gameplay footage is from the Streets of Hope level and it contains 5 killings along with a kidnapping.

Being a rough neighborhood you’ll be doing a lot of sneaking around to avoid detection. The trailer also shows how the meta-game is played out.

You now are scored based on how well the hits were carried out. You can’t just simply waltz in, shoot everything in sight and get away. That’s not how Agent 47 rolls. The game director from IO Interactive, Tore Blystad and Travis Barbour also provide running commentary through the 17 minute video.

I should warn you though that the video contains a lot of spoilers so if you’re one of “those” guys then I wouldn’t suggest watching the video below.

Hitman: Absolution is set for release on November 20, 2012 for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.