End of Nations’ Gigantic 56-Player Battles and Elite Units

Trion are busying themselves preparing for the July 20th Closed Beta Event for End of Nations, but they managed to tell us some stuff.

The free-to-play MMORTS is quickly gaining popularity, so Trion Worlds are getting everything ready for this beta weekend event and with that comes making sure that the community are also ready for everything.

Everything has got to be pretty hectic at the moment, but Franck Vacher, French Community Manager, managed to bring us some new details on just how you control such a chaotic battlefield as well as the progression of the game as July 20th draws ever closer.

In his recent interview with ZAM he spoke about the sheer scale of battles in End of Nations.

Now, the battles of End of Nations could be as small as simple 2v2 scrims, but they are only one end of the spectrum. Lying miles away at the top of this spectrum is the gigantic 56-player battles over huge maps.

Right now they’re just getting ready to test these titanic skirmishes, let alone actually test them. They want this high-end feature to be completely ready to roll, so that players will feel like they’re part of a larger force as they strive to take over the game world.

“Usually you get some type of bonus — for example, a loot bonus of, say, five percent — because you control the territory,” he said. “For some of the maps, it changes the objective. On the Bluewater map, you’re defender or attacker, so your objective will be completely different.”

There’s also new Elite Units coming to the game. Vacher managed to sneak a comment in about them:

“It’s hard to say [whether] they’re overpowered or underpowered — sometimes when I’m playing, I don’t take any heroes because they don’t fit with my other units. We’ll be working more on balance in the beta, as our alpha’s been more about the technical aspects of the game.”

Source: ZAM