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Diablo 3 Introduces Commodity Trading On The Real Money Auction House

Now you can make some dollar on your commodity items, rather than just in-game gold. Jewels have never been so expensive!

Patch 1.0.3b just landed for Diablo 3 and with it has been brought the ability to sell your basic and commodity items for cold, hard cash rather than just in-game gold. Blizzard promised this would be a thing some time ago, but have been quiet on the matter since.

This new system will allow you to make money off of your gems, dyes, crafting materials, levelling items, crafter pages and other such items.

That’s not all that’s happening with the RMAH though. Blizzard have mentioned that soon you’ll be able to both buy and sell in-game gold, giving only the “near future” as a proposed date. If they’re as quick on this as they have been on other updates, then it can’t be long until they implement this feature.