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Day Z Hits 500,000 Players

The zombies might be in trouble, ’cause the survivors just hit 500,000 total. And they’re on the rise.

The increasingly popular mod for ArmA 2 is getting new players every day, and as of this week they’ve hit more than 500k. The official Day Z Twitter account revealed this yesterday:

“Congratulations everyone, with your support through tough times, mistakes, troubles, and technical problems, we now have over 500k users!”

It’s a major milestone, considering that they only had 420,000 at the end of Rezzed this past weekend!

Dean Hall spoke about the figures at Rezzed during the Day Z Rezzed Dev Session.

 “We’ve got 420,000 now. We’ll have 430,000 tomorrow,” Hall said. “Currently we’re running 22,000 concurrent at full peak, and 10,000 off peak, which is pretty huge numbers considering the original data structure and system was designed to handle 100 concurrents, and two servers,”

Source: Eurogamer