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“Walkers” Will Be Able to “Smell” You in Activision’s The Walking Dead: Video Game

Activision’s FPS game based on The Walking Dead TV show won’t be your typical shooter…or at least, it’s trying not to be.

In a special post on the European PlayStation Blog, Creative Lead for Terminal Reality’s Angel Gonzalez talks a bit about what makes this zombie game different.

One key difference is that they’re making it so that zombies or “Walkers” as they’re known in the TV show, to be able to “smell” players.

Walkers also have the ability to tell the living from the dead by their sense of smell. Humans give off a scent that the Walkers can detect, and the longer we stand still (like when we are looking at a shelf for supplies) the larger the radius of that scent becomes. Stand still for too long and a Walker shambling down the street looking for a meal might just discover you standing inside a store.

Quite an interesting premise, no? In addition to that, sound will also play a major role as Walkers “seem to know” that only humans can wield weapons.

To be honest, the more they deviate from Valve’s Left 4 Dead, the better. We don’t need a reskinned game, in my opinion.

The Walking Dead: Video Game is set for release in 2013 for the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.