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Star Wars: The Old Republic is Now Free To Play!…Sort of

The permanent free trial for Star Wars: The Old Republic has officially gone live. We reported it at E3 that BioWare had decided to introduce a new permanent trial for SWTOR, allowing players to play for free up to level 15.

That service has gone live today under the guise of the new Free Trial Promotion. Users can now try out all eight classes with a level cap of 15 until they pay for access to the main content of the game.

You’ve got access to all of the classes as well as their origin worlds. For higher level content (Or at least as much as you can get at level 15) there’s PvP Warzones and the low level Flashpoint instances. You get a good taste of a lot of the content you’ll be seeing throughout the meat of the full game.

On top of that content though, there are some limitations on the free trial version of the game. For example, you can’t actually get access to the trial if you’ve played SWTOR before.

There’s also a strict limitation on where you can actually go; your origin world, capital world, the Fleet, Warzones and the first Flashpoint are all A-OK, but you’re forbidden to go anywhere else.

You also can’t access mail, general chat, trade chat or PvP chat. The Galactic Trade Network and trading to other players is also off-limits, so you can’t use free accounts to affect the in-game auction house and economy.

It’s strict, but it’s smart as well. With a permanent free trial comes more players attempting to maliciously crash your game however they can.

Are you joining the free trial, or abstaining from SWTOR?