Guild Mentoring System Being Introduced for World of Warcraft

Blizzard introduced the new guild mentoring service today that’s aimed at getting new players more involved with guilds.

This new service is only available to select NA and EU servers, and will feature twice on each of those servers; once for both factions. Only certain guilds will be eligible for selection, and will have to put up with a name change (albeit temporarily) and will be tasked with showing newbies just what a guild is all about and just how fun it can be.

Only 27 servers are being kitted out with this new feature (14 NA and 13 EU), and Blizzard will be selecting the guilds from a list of eligible guilds who have volunteered for the service.

To be eligible, you need to be at least level 6 and willing to commit to a three month service under your new name and program. You’ve got to nominate your own guild by emailing off certain details to Blizzard.

There’s only two weeks for people to get their applications in before Blizz begin to roll out this plan, so you’d best get to work whilst you still can!