Dead Space 3: New Changes Fans Should Look Forward To

Visceral Studios have taken on a  new path in their latest installment of the Dead Space franchise. Dead Space 3 will cease to be a simple corridor shooter and offer much more freedom to the players. Here’s a list of changes you can look forward to.

New Locations Mean New Scares
Majority of the action in the game will be happening on a frozen planet called Tau Volantis. The outdoor environments here will feature a new scare tactic which I like to call the fog of war. Being jumped on around the corners or in the dark of the corridors of a spaceship is now the least of concerns.

Due to the raging blizzard on the frozen planet visibility will be to a mere minimum. Enemies will suddenly appear out of the mist or pop out from the snow in front of you.

The new locations also give the developers a new freedom to play with ideas. Visibility was only one of the many that has been looked upon in Dead Space 3. Visceral hasn’t forgotten how important a role audio plays in such genres.

Picture yourself stumbling through the snow on Tau Volantis. The sound of the blizzard is at its peak and suddenly you hear some scampering. Was that the wind or is something coming at you from inside the mist?

Co-op Mode Will Be Available
John Carver is the new character who will be available to be played in drop-in co-op mode. He will also be present in the single player mode but will only interact with you at key points. Players opting for co-op will also be able to share health and ammo with each other.

New Additions To The Family
The Necromorphs have new recruits now. One of them is called the Fodder which is a walking corpse. Shooting him above the waist causes his upper body to explode and out come the tendrils. Shoot off his legs and the tendrils sprout downstairs slowing his pace. It’s entirely up to the player how he wants his fodder dead.

Unitologists will feature as human enemies in this game. Remember to stay alert when going back to a cleared location. If you had killed some Unitologists there then there’s always the chance that the reanimators brought them back from the dead.

More Weaponry
Dead Space 3 will not be centered about the plasma cutter. Visceral has promised loads of weapon customizations and secondary ammo. FPS enthusiasts will be happy to know that the option of equipping mean machine guns will be there.

Open-World Elements Offer Much More
Dead Space 3 will offer a lot of exploration and multiple routes. The game will not entirely be open-world but players will be able to freely explore and take on secondary missions. Doing so will offer more story details to the player. This will come off as a big change from the previous linear gameplay of a spaceship corridor shooter.