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Windows 8 Launching in October?

Windows 8 is fast on track to be released as early as October, along with it’s companion tablet; the Surface.

Microsoft announced today that they’re looking at a late October release for their latest operating system. Tami Reller, Corporate vice president of Windows, revealed this today at the Microsoft worldwide partner conference in Toronto, earlier today.

They plan to begin manufacturing from the first week of August, and they also plan to roll out the software earlier to business users. If you happen to need 100+ copies of their newest OS, I’d get some applications in now so you can be first to have access to that final product.

Most importantly, this is confirmation that the Surface will be released along-side Windows 8, so the newest competitor in the tablet market will be one of the best chances to play around with the new Windows 8 software.

The standard model of Windows 8 will be released three months before the alleged Windows 8 Pro model.

Source: ZDNET