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Two New Races Revealed for Guild Wars 2

The final beta weekend for Guild Wars 2 will be the first event to show off two completely new races for the highly anticipated MMO.

The Asura and the Sylvari will be making their first appearance as playable races for the whole beta weekend event, and mark a juxtaposition of ideals; technology versus nature love.

The Asura are our tech-mage, steampunky, gnomish race as pictured above. They’ve got a nice steampunk-esque theme going on for them, and they start out in the Metricia province. Their capital city, Rata Sum, isn’t too far away either.

Meanwhile, the Sylvari will be exploring the Grove, much suited to their tree-hugging theme. Nature and it’s many wiles will be playing a big part in your starting quests, and will lead to your capital city – I use “city” loosely as it more resembles a forest than anything else – and onward to the rest of the continent.

Both races debut in this last beta weekend event, and you’ll still have access to the existing Humans, Norn and Charr from the previous beta events.

Have these new races got you interested in GW2 suddenly? I know it’s got me. Which race are you waiting to try out?