Rezzed 2012 Wrap-Up

The first Rezzed show has now been and gone, and SegmentNext managed to get some exclusive coverage of the event and games that were there.

So, for UK gamers, this was the first chance we’ve had to get some real hands-on experience with certain games such as Borderlands 2 and Strike Suit Zero.

A huge amount of games were demoed at this first instalment of Rezzed, including more indie games than I could count, the amazing ShootMania Storm, some AAA FPS games like Alien: Colonial Marines and yet more.

Plenty of developers were there, eager to showcase their current and upcoming games, including representation from Born Ready Games, Trion Worlds, 2K Games, Theindiestone and so many more. I wish I could name everything that was there in this paragraph, but I’m quickly approaching Wall Of Text levels of words.

Anyway, on to the vidya!

Strike Suit Zero:
We managed to sneak in an interview with the lead developer of Strike Suit Zero, the first title being released by Born Ready Games, which you’ll be able to listen to in an exclusive mini-cast of XPGrind. I managed to get some hands-on gameplay with this fun space combat game, and managed to actually get to try it with a joystick as well.

The controls are great, the art style is great, the mechanics are great, everything is great. Definitely my indie game of the show.

Make sure to check back for our interview with Chris from Born Ready later this week. There’s built in support for a variety of joysticks, gamepads and the mouse/keyboard set-up as well, so you should be able to play it regardless of preference.

Borderlands 2:
I’m a big fan of the first Borderlands, and a review of that is what got me into games journalism, so I was impatiently waiting for a chance to play Borderlands 2. It took a while to get to actually play the game, and I was stuck with a 360 pad, but it wasn’t too bad; I just prefer keyboard/mouse.

The demo that was available to us let us play with a variety of guns, all four classes and gave us plenty of talent points to try out the upcoming talent trees.

The gameplay was solid, very much felt like Borderlands but with tweaks here and there that made it smoother and more intuitive. The setting and characters felt different enough that it seemed like a different game to the original, but retaining the original artstyle kept me hooked.

ShootMania Storm:
ShootMania was the only conference I managed to get into, and the game demo that was available put this game over the top to be my game of the show.

This new e-sport FPS from Ubisoft and Nadeo has everything I want from an FPS: Fast-paced multiplayer action, skill-based gamemodes, built-in streaming services. It has it all. I think that it will make it pretty far as a competitive e-sport, especially with the likes of Team Dignitas supporting it.

The built-in streaming service is supposed to be really, really good with not mouse jitter or lag due to it being a direct client. The Joust and Elite gamemodes are refreshing in comparison to most competitive FPS games as well, offering a different approach whilst remaining fair.

Far Cry 3:
This disappointed me. I was looking forward to this game until I played it. The playable demo was just what we saw at E3 last month, which was good, but it was all things we’ve seen and done before. Nothing new was bought to the table, and the demo was painfully short as well.

The mechanics were a bit awkward, but that was off-set by the graphics and feel of the game which was highly enjoyable. I couldn’t get into it at all though, I just felt like I was straining myself trying to actually play the game.

End of Nations:
This was the first game I managed to play. I was fairly unimpressed, but that’s not to say anything bad about it. It just felt a bit bland, a little bit too much focus on the graphics and artstyle, no real show of microing or more advanced use. I didn’t get to try out the PvP that was being toted.

This is an interesting looking MMO from Perfect World Entertainment. High focus on graphics, with a nice clean UI and sharp artstyle. I’d not heard of it, but the demo was quite fun.

It’s a shame it didn’t seem to break away from the traditional hack/slash/loot/repeat formula, but it would definitely make a nice MMO to breakaway from the traditional market with.

Alien: Colonial Marines:
I managed to get a single game in as the Alien side in the large 8v8 multiplayer booth they had. One side was Marines and the other Aliens, separated by a wall.

It was highly fun to play as the Aliens, using the stealth and speed mechanics whilst the Marines were running around with scanners and guns.

I think that had I been on the Marine side, I might have enjoyed it a bit more. I have a thing for games like Hidden: Source where technology is my advantage over melee monsters like the Xenomorphs. It was fun and refreshing regardless.

There were so many other games, but due to time constraints and queues I couldn’t manage to play any others. Games like Skulls of the Shogun, Tengami, Natural Selection, Krater and Hotline Miami (Supposedly the game of the show according to several other journalists) were missed.

I wish I could have gotten a hotel so that I’d have more games to talk about here, but I had to leave Rezzed so that I could get home. I did manage to sneak in some words with the Born Ready Games and Theindiestone guys though, so we may be seeing them on our XPGrind podcast in the future.

If we get chance to play some of the great games that were showcased at Rezzed, be sure that I’ll make up for my shortness of time by doing write-ups ASAP.

Were you at Rezzed? Got any favourite games from the show? Tell us in the comments below.