Survarium Dev Diary #2 Showcases Story and Skills

The first title from Vostok Games is fast in progress, and the devs can’t wait to show you more of this title. 2020 marks the end of the world, folks; remember to check your calender.

Vostok Games, famed for their developers being S.T.A.L.K.E.R devs previously, are releasing these dev diaries to promote their game. The latest diary marks their second one, and shows off just some of the story that’s gone into¬†Survarium and the events that lead up to the setting of the game.

The players are the survivors of a catastrophe that wreaked havoc upon the world in the year 2020, and now all that’s left of our beautiful blue planet is a fetid wasteland wrought apart by the ruined ecosystem.

As a player, you progress by completing faction missions and developing your skills. The five skills incorporate Firearms training, Physical training, Medical knowledge, Technical training and Knowledge of the new world. You need to specialise to become stronger, but that doesn’t stop you branching out as you wish.

You can watch the video right here: