New Characters for Street Fighter X Tekken Drops this Month

Street Fighter X Tekken will have 12 new characters later this month, and we have the full list.

We’ve broken down in list form so give it a look.

Street Fighter

  • Dudley
  • Elena
  • Cody
  • Guy
  • Blanka
  • Sakura


  • Lei
  • Lars
  • Christi
  • Bryan
  • Jack-X
  • Alisa

This character DLC pack will retail for $19.99 or 1,600 MS Points.

Aside from that, Capcom will also release 12 new collaboration costumes for the new characters. They’re set to cost 100 Yen or 80 MS Points.

For people planning on getting Street Fighter X Tekken for Sony’s PlayStation Vita, you’ll get the extra 12 characters already on the cart itself. What’s more, if you pre-order the game, you’ll even get the added costumes for free.

This character DLC is set for release on July 31 across all platforms.

Source: Siliconera