Peter Molyneux’s Indie Game “Curiosity” Gets a Release Date

Famed game designer Peter Molyneux’s next game from his new indie studio 22 Cans has a release date.

Titled “Curiosity,” the experimental game is coming to iOS, Android and PC on August 22.

This news was revealed by Molyneux himself at the recently-concluded indie and PC game event Rezzed.

Curiosity’s premise is that it will have players chipping away at a cube that’s formed from millions of other cubes. The end goal is to uncover the mystery that’s at its core — which, Molyneux states, “is so valuable, and so life-changingly important.”

Molyneux also revealed that Curiosity can support up to a million players all chipping away at the same block at any given time. Although only one player will be able to unlock the mystery at its core.

So, I guess this will make Curiosity the game with the highest player count, then?

While Molyneux is known to be a visionary, let’s hope Curiosity ends up becoming more of Black and White, rather than Fable, no?

Source Eurogamer