Capcom Releases First Resident Evil 6 Commercial in Japan

Capcom has started airing Resident Evil 6’s (BioHazard 6 in Japan) first TV commercial spot in Japan.

It’s said the commercial’s aim is to portray the feeling of “fear” offer by Resident Evil 6. While most of the gameplay we’ve seen of the game thus far has been more action-oriented, I’m hoping this TV spot means there will be more frights in the game.

Here’s a look at the 16-second TV ad.

Near the end, you’ll notice a few things appear and they are the game’s pre-order bonuses in the Land of the Rising Sun.  Resident Evil 6 buyers will get a download code that will net them three special Mercenaries stages and they are: Catacombs, Subway Railcar Plant and Aircraft Carrier.

Keep in mind that these aren’t the official names of the stages but a rough translation courtesy of Andriasang.

Western buyers can also get the stages but not as a bundle. Each stage is exclusive to a specific retailer.