The Secret World UI Tweaks Guide

The large MMO world of The Secret World is both mesmerizing and addictive.

However, there seems to be a lack of options for customizing the UI interface, preventing you from making the all-important changes to suit your comfort and needs.

Thankfully, there is a workaround, albeit one having a slight risk. This is related to the advanced game client configuration and fiddling around with it.

Do note that if you are not careful in what you do, you may end up breaking something in the game. Therefore, do this at your own risk.


The location is:

\Data\Gui\Default\CharPrefs.xml in your client installation folder.

You can also go to:

%localappdata%\Funcom\TSW\Prefs and search through there to see your account and characters option.

Additionally, there is also a chat command which you can use to alter the variables by yourself. The command in the generalized form is:

/option [name] [value]

Now, here are a few things you can do with this command:

Show Latency and FPS:

This is something that really bugs me – I’m a bit paranoid and whichever online game I play, wish to know the latency and how good a frame-rate I’m getting.

Use the following command for displaying the Latency:

/option latency_window true

Use the following command for displaying the FPS (frame-rate per second):

/option framerate_window true

Conversely, if you get annoyed by these displays, simply swap the ‘true’ for ‘false’.

Move Windows:

Type the following to open the GUI debugger:

/option flash_test_gui true

You have to understand the debugger in order to mess around with it.

You have to make sure that everything in the list starts with _root. If it starts with _global, press the “_root/_global” button at the top and it should change.

Whichever window you wish to change, find it and change the variable to your desire. For example, if you wish to move up a certain window. Select the _root.XXXX._xx (where XXXX is the WINDOW NAME, and xx is the current value), and adjust the current value xx to your desire.

To close the debugger, use the following command:

/option flash_test_gui false

Changing UI Resolution and Scale:

You can change the overall UI scale by using the following command:

/option GUIResolutionScale <new number>

The numerical value of 1.0 means standard, while 2.0 means 2x the original scale, and so on (it can also go lower, like 0.5 etcetera).

Access Macro Chat Window:

This window can be used for making Macros. To access it, use the following commands:

/option chat_macro_window true

You can create, edit and delete macros in this window.

For more help on The Secret World, read our tweaks, crafting and decks guide. If you have any more commands that you know of, along with their effects and value limits, please share with us by commenting below.