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XPGrind Episode 4 – The One With Better Editting.

Wow. Four weeks and no cancellation. You must really like us.

To start off, we’d like to apologise for last week’s podcast and the awful editting that went into it. To make up for it, we bashed Liam round the head and made him learn how to edit this week’s episode even better.

So, want to check out this week’s episode? Well, you can right here!

The whole team is really happy with the amount of feedback we’ve been getting, but we’re always looking for more. And we’re always looking for more questions to answer on the podcast itself. If you want to ask us something, tell us what we’re doing wrong or just generally want to chat, then tell us! Comment below, tweet us at @XPGrind or post on the SegmentNext Fan Page on Facebook!

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