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Devil’s Third to Launch on Digital Devices as Well as Console, OC

Devil's Third
Hot on the heels that Tomonobu Itagaki has gotten the rights to their Devil’s Third game back from THQ, the studio has also revealed that the game won’t just be coming out consoles.

According to Valhalla Game Studios CEO Satoshi Kanematsu, Devil’s Third will launch on a “wide variety” of digital devices as well as consoles and PCs.

Not only that, but Kanematsu has confirmed that the studio is planning to explore the game’s universe with other entertainment mediums such as movies, animation, manga novels and the like to “create a blockbuster franchise.”

Aside from the details, Kanematsu has not revealed if a publisher has picked Devil’s Third up for release or if they’re publishing it independently.

Well, at least they know where they want to take it, no? But I suggest gauging fan reaction first before going full-steam ahead on an unproven franchise.

Source: Eurogamer