Allods Online Announces New Patch 3.0.4 + New North American Server

gPotato are really treating their Allods Online players with all the new content they’ve been releasing as of late, and now they’re throwing a new server and patch on top of it all.

Players have been busy, what with the new raids and classes that have been recently introduced. Now they’re getting another major update, though gPotato aren’t inclined to tell us just what’s coming. They want it to be a surprise. News will be cropping up periodically, so make sure to check back.

North American players are in for an additional treat, though. They’re getting a brand new serer when the patch hits, all fresh and clean. It’s confusing, considering that the studio have merged together two servers very recently, and now they’re opening a new one again.

Oh well. Can’t complain.

Source. Allods Online