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Minecraft 1.3 Patch Puts Multiplayer Ahead of Singleplayer

The next major patch for indie game juggernaut, Minecraft, is looking to change everything. The 1.3 update is going to start things off by changing some of the fundamental coding for two reasons: The first being for the mod API and the second being user experience.

Multiplayer is pretty much the heart of Minecraft, so to reflect this; You can now publish single-player worlds into multiplayer worlds and get your friends involved.

There’s new content on top of the multiplayer change; Tripwire, Jungle Ruins, Trading, Currency, Writing are all new features coming to us with the 1.3 update.

Tripwire is a new addition to redstone, making traps easier than ever before. Jungle Ruins are a new type of natural building to be found in jungle biomes.

Trading and currency will be implemented with the new Emerald Ore block. You’ll be able to buy and sell items off in-game NPCs with this. You can also write in books and leave notes for other players. How cool is that?

There’s also a wide array of bugfixes and new block types.