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Endless Space Launches – Adds Tons Of New Features

Galactic conquest just got better.

The first title from G2G Studios, Endless Space, has launched at last after months of being in open beta. If you’ve been playing the beta, as I have, then you’ll be doubly pleased to hear that they’re adding a slough of new features to the game.

Endless Space is a sci-fi 4X game, based in a universe where various different species are all trying to conquer the galaxy in their own way. There’s 8 playable factions in the game already, but this update to the release version also adds in the ability to make custom races.

You need to trade research and weapons away to other empires in return for scientific discoveries to help further your own goals, whilst simultaneously keeping up an economy, maintaining battle-ready armadas and peace treaties with other sentient species.

Traditional combat is out the window as well. Instead you pre-set the tactics your ships will use, then get to view a beautiful cinematic battle with accompanying music and action sequences as the two fleets bombard the ever-living crap out of one-another.

It’s easy to get into as well. The UI is incredibly easy to navigate, and the game puts in the option of having AIs take over certain duties for you so you can ease yourself into 4X gameplay instead of doing a million different things at once.

If you’re interested, then you can pick up Endless Space now for £23 on Steam.